These are some of the common questions we are asked.

    What is invi?

    invi is a replacement texting app for Android, that sends SMS & MMS to anyone in your contacts -- they don’t have to have invi installed to receive your texts! invi also doubles as an instant messenger when you message a friend that is also using invi (think iMessage for Android -- but cooler!)

    With invi you can find relevant emojis, images, GIFs, stickers, & custom memes to send to your friends without ever leaving your chat!

    Can I send SMS/MMS?

    You can send SMS/MMS to all contacts, they don’t need to have invi as their texting app. invi imports all your SMS/MMS chats so you can start right where you left off! This also includes Group MMS.

    How do I start a group MMS?

    To send a group message, all you have to do is ... enter into your inbox, press the big plus sign in the bottom right corner -- there you’ll see “New Group” as the first tile!

    What is a Default SMS App?

    By setting an SMS app as default, you are setting it to be your main texting app. Once you set invi as default, all SMS will be sent and received from invi.

    Remember to move invi to your device's home screen, if you haven’t already! :-)

    Why am I seeing “set as default” every time I enter into invi?

    This issue happens when you go back and forth between invi and your old SMS app. This can be easily resolved by going to your device's home screen, and replacing your old SMS app icon with the invi icon!


    What do the check marks mean?
    The check marks are the delivery status! There are two styles of checkmarks: a regular check mark (SMS), and a check mark inside a circle (IM).

    (Note: Not all devices show the second check mark. This depends if it’s supported by your carrier)


    What is the Awesome Bar?

    The Awesome Bar displays relevant emojis, images, moodies, GIFs, and stickers in context to what you type. Think of the text field as your search field!

    We plan to make TONS of improvements to make it a more relevant & a customized experience for you! Stay tuned!

    Important Note: All Awesome Bar images are user generated. Please flag any images that you feel are inappropriate or if you have a copyright claim. You can also email us at support@invi.com. We take these kinds of reports very seriously.


    What happened to my recent Awesome Bar suggestions?
    Each chat has it's own suggestion history. When you change chats, you will get different suggestions than the previous chat you were in.


    Can I turn off the Awesome Bar?

    This is currently not an option, however we will allow you to disable it in the next upcoming versions! Stay tuned!


    What are Moodies?
    Moodies are customizable message bubbles that allow you to edit text right on the image. Each Moodie is marked with a yellow badge.

    • Moodies with a “T” badge - Allows you to add & edit text in the image. 
    • Moodies with a star badge - Allows you to add images which can be replaced & moved, as well as add text on top of it. This is great for creating custom memes! 
    How do I find a specific Moodie?
    Moodies appear randomly throughout the Awesome Bar. We are adding a full view of all our Moodies very soon! :-)


    Where are the custom emojis that I set?

    For now the custom emojis appear in the Awesome Bar and inside message bubbles!
    Unfortunately we have no way to change the way you see emojis on your keyboard, however we will be adding a custom view of all the emojis really soon!


    How do I see if my message was read?

    To see if your message was read you will need to connect to IM. Unfortunately we cannot know the read-status for regular text messages because SMS technology is not advanced enough to detect it.


    How do I connect with Facebook Messenger?
    Unfortunately there is no way to connect with Facebook since invi is not affiliated with Facebook in any way. The instant messaging (IM) can be enabled when you message a friend that is also using invi!


    How do I use Instant Messenger (IM)?

    When both you and one of your contacts have invi installed, you will be able to send instant messages to each other (as long as you both have internet connect). When you or the contact lose internet connection we will use our smart delivery system to automatically send your message as SMS.


    What are the benefits of using IM?

    • Sending messages quickly over internet (data or wifi)
    • Sending bigger and higher quality media
    • See message delivery status for ‘sent’, ‘delivered’, and ‘seen’
    • See ‘online now’ and ‘last seen’ indicator
    • See when someone is typing
    • Have an iMessage-like experience on Android

    How do I know if I sent an IM or SMS?

    After you sent a message, tapping on the message bubble will display (at the bottom of the bubble) if it was an IM or SMS. 

    How do I invite contacts?

    You can send your Android friends an invite to join invi so they don’t miss out on all the fun features! The invite can be found by accessing the chat settings in the top right corner of every chat (by tapping on the chat icon).


    How do I find the most recent timestamp?
    To see the timestamp, all you have to do is tap on the message bubble! The timestamp will display above the message!


    How do I block a contact?
    To block a contact, you need to long press on the contact's chat tile in the inbox. There you'll see a block icon!

    Why is my blocked contact still calling me?
    Unfortunately invi has no control over your phone's incoming calls since invi is only a texting app (invi can only control your incoming text messages). To make sure you block calls, you will have to enter into your device's contact book and block them from there!


    How do I delete multiple messages or chats?
    To delete multiple messages, all you have to do is long press on the messages you want to delete. The same goes for the inbox -- you can long press on the chat tiles you want to delete!


    Can I retrieve deleted messages?
    Unfortunately there is no way to get back any messages that were deleted. Please be careful!


    How do I change the chat color?

    You can change each chat’s color individually by entering into the chat settings! To see the chat settings, enter into any chat and tap on the chat icon in the top right corner.


    How do I share a contact card (vCard)?
    The 'share contact' feature can be found in the chat settings! First enter into the chat of the contact you want to share, and tap on the chat icon in the top right corner -- There you'll see a 'share contact' button!


    Can the call button take me straight to the phone call?

    Unfortunately invi is only an SMS app, so in order to support this, we will have to become a dialer app as well. This is something we hope to do in the future.


    Does invi support RCS?

    invi currently does not support RCS however it is in our future plans! :-)


    How do I change the font size in the app?
    This is a feature we have not included in the app quite yet. However for now, a quick recommendation is to go into your device settings, and change the font size of the device. invi will update with those changes (On certain devices, you may have to restart the invi app before invi displays the changes).

    Quick tip: If you want to see the message bigger, just tap on the message bubble, and it will be enlarged!


    Do I need internet to use this app?

    No, you do not need internet connection to send SMS in invi! However, internet connection is useful to send/receive MMS messages & IM, as well as seeing more results in the Awesome Bar!

    Will there be more customization?

    We plan for a lot more customization in the future. Let us know what you want to see!


    How do I join beta?

    To join beta -- Go to the invi inbox, tap on the menu in the top right corner, and tap on "what's new". There, you'll see a big "join beta" button! Click it, and you're in!

    Note: With beta, you will be receiving and testing new versions of the app, a few days before they are released to the rest of our users. This may mean that the app will be buggy -- consider yourself warned! :-) Be sure to report these issues so we fix them ASAP.

    Where do I provide beta feedback?
    After you joined beta, the invi Play Store page replaces the reviews section to a beta feedback section. There you can leave us quick feedback (that will be seen only by our team)

    You can also add yourself to this beta group on Facebook where you can freely post any feedback or ideas for us!


    Can I add content to the Awesome Bar?

    If you want to help us add juicy content to the Awesome Bar, contact us at support@invi.com with the subject title ‘Awesome Bar Content’.


    Why are some GIFs failing to send?
    Big sorry about this! Some GIFs are too large to send over MMS (this is also dependent on the size limit supported by your carrier). We will work on improving this!

    In the meantime, you can always invite your contacts to invi -- in order to enable Instant Messaging (IM). With IM, you can send large GIFs and file sizes :-)


    Why can't I send or receive MMS?
    If this is happening to you, please text us or send an email to support@invi.com. Please include your carrier and phone model -- this will help us get to the root of the problem!

    Is this app available for iPhone?

    Not currently. invi is a replacement texting app -- iPhone does not allow changing texting apps. However in the future we do plan on implementing our Instant Messaging system for iPhone.

    Any ideas why I can't download invi in the Play Store?

    • Does it say incompatible? - Some older devices are not supported, however if you have a fairly new phone, we recommend: Going into your phone settings > Apps > Google Play Services > Clear data. 
    • Do you have civi installed? - Often times, uninstalling our old app, civi, will resolve this issue
    • Are you using a tablet? - Tablets are currently not supported in invi, however we plan to in the future
    • Are you outside of the United States? - We are working on releasing to other countries

    Didn't find what you were looking for? Email us at:

    support@invi.com. Or text the support number! :-)

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