• Change Log

    Here's a list of all our previous changes

    1.0.2 (Jan 4, 2017)

    Quick update addressing the most common issues we’ve seen reported over the holidays.

    Fixed missing notifications - We fixed a pressing issue where sometimes message notifications could get lost on certain devices

    - Removed holiday decorations

    - Changed Notification Pop-up to only be enabled when Notification Privacy is set to ‘Show all’

    - Fixed a bug that caused some Moodies to unintentionally replace the selected photo when selecting them

    - Fixed a bug that caused chat previews in inbox to not update correctly

    - Fixed a crash caused by tooltips in some edge cases

    - Fixed a crash caused by one of the latest Moodies


    1.0.1 (Dec 24, 2016)

    ★ Create Chat - We’ve done a complete overhaul to how you create new chats and groups. Let us know what you think as we keep adjusting and tweaking


    ★ Multi-User Share - The screen has been completely redesigned based on all your feedback. You can now see the media you are sharing, edit any text message in the screen itself and easily share to any number of chats


    ★ More Moodies - We added 38 new awesome Moodies in a variety of new styles. We also made sure they’ll come up a bit more often on the Awesome Bar and tagged them with icons to help find them easier!


    ★ Smartlinks - With Smartlinks you can send high-quality, full length videos to your friends even if they don’t have invi


    - Added a share button when viewing media in full screen

    - Added "Join Beta" button to What’s New screen

    - Fixed several UI bugs in notification pop-up

    - Fixed a bug that prevented copy pasting in the Create Chat page

    - Fixed a bug that caused Awesome Bar to sometimes not to show results for certain keywords

    - Fixed a crash that happened while moving/scaling Moodie with camera shot

    - Fixed a bug that prevented the Awesome Bar from showing results when reconnecting to internet

    - Fixed a pesky bug that caused the tooltips to appear in incorrect places

    - Fixed a bug that caused groups to show the text field hint incorrectly

    - Fixed a bug that caused certain youtube links to not show previews

    - Fixed a bug that caused push to talk feature to not work as intended


    1.0.0 (Dec 12, 2016)

    Product Launch! - We are excited to release invi and would like to welcome you all! We'd also like to send a big thank you to our beta users for your support and feedback!

    Notification Privacy - Customize what information is shown in notifications

    Moodies - Significantly improved Moodie/Meme zoom and drag, making Moodies even more fun and easy to create!

    - Added message timestamp and delivery status to media message in fullscreen
    - Added icon to all Moodies in Awesome Bar so they are easier to find
    - Added tooltip to help new users discover the Awesome Bar
    - Improved usability of fullscreen video controls
    - Fixed a bug that prevented opening images in fullscreen on some devices

    - Fixed a bug that caused the Awesome Bar to stop showing suggestions in some cases
    - Fixed a big that caused fullscreen videos to show incorrectly in landscape mode
    - Fixed a bug that prevented sharing photos from gallery app
    - Fixed a bug causing fullscreen media to show in incorrect order
    - Fixed a bug that caused users to drag the chat window unintentionally when trying to interact with text field
    - Fixed a bug that caused text field to not expand when long text is entered
    - Fixed a rare bug that prevented some chats from being scrolled
    - Fixed several issues with reading device contact on some devices

    0.9.12 (Nov 25, 2016)

    - Added an X on text field when having a draft to clear text

    - Added an ability to swipe left on Awesome Bar to see more

    - Improved expanded text bubbles (now shows larger)

    - Improved Awesome Bar history, now shows last 100 items

    - Fixed an issue that caused the delivery status to show incorrectly after fallback from IM to SMS
    - Fixed a bug that showed an IM chat as "active now", when they have left the app
    - Fixed an issue that caused gallery thumbnails to show incorrectly
    - Fixed an issue that caused a fullscreen camera image to appear zoomed
    - Fixed an issue that caused the hint to display incorrectly in some cases

    - Fixed a bug that prevented small videos to send over MMS (**Still not working...)


    0.9.11 (Nov 21, 2016)

    - Added Twitter emojis, check them out in the settings page

    - Added the "Whats New" page in the invi menu for our awesome beta users! :-)

    - Added meme Moodie to the Awesome Bar when you enter into a chat
    - Fixed a bug that caused Moodies to take a long time to send
    - Fixed an issue that caused short codes to reply in separate thread

    - Fixed a crash when sending transparent images over MMS
    - Fixed a crash with quick reply crashed on devices that required certain permissions

    ⁃ Fixed visual artifacts when sending some transparent images over MMS
    - Removed the option to save media to gallery when it is already saved
    - Fixed several Awesome Bar connectivity issues!

    0.9.10 (Nov 18, 2016)

    - Improved instant messaging connectivity

    - Fixed an issue causing emoji packs to not download

    - Fixed an issue with the unread message badges not show correct number in some cases (only on supported devices)

    ⁃ Fixed several issues caused by trying to send messages to yourself

    ⁃ Fixed an issue causing multiple images to show when opening Awesome Bar content in fullscreen

    - Fixed an issue where images were falsely marked as sent when no data or wifi enabled

    - Fixed an issue that caused messages to appear as if they were sending forever (even when sent)

    - Fixed an issue making some gallery images lag the chat

    - Fixed an issue that caused the play button to overlap onto text field after sending video
    - Fixed a rare issue causing fullscreen media to display the incorrect size
    - Fixed a visual issue in the create chat screen that showed checkmarks as disabled
    ⁃ Fixed an issue that caused the 'Just joined invi' notification longer appears twice
    - Fixed a crash after confirming flagged item

    - Removed the expand button on Awesome Bar

    0.9.9 (Nov 10, 2016)

    - Improved draft visuals, drafts are now adjusted to always fit in screen

    - Improved Awesome Bar visuals
    - Fixed an issue that caused GIFs to send very slow on some devices
    - Fixed a contact issue for phones with many contacts
    - Fixed a notification bug that caused MMS to appear as contact photo
    - Fixed an issue that caused GIFs to not loop properly in fullscreen
    - Fixed visuals for videos in draft

    - Fixed visuals for GIFs in draft

    ⁃ Fixed a visual issue with contact cards

    - Fixed visuals of link previews on dark theme
    - Fixed a bug that caused Moodie photos to show in low quality
    - Fixed a minor scrolling issue when scrolling up in chat
    ⁃ Fixed a bug that caused the forward button to be un-tappable
    - Fixed an issue where some GIFs fail to draft
    - Fixed an issue that prevented failed images from being deleted

    0.9.8 (Nov 8, 2016)

    - Improved speed of sending image messages
    - Fixed an issue that made SMS get received twice in some cases
    ⁃ Fixed Lags when sending multiple MMS at once
    - Fixed 10+ visual bugs on legacy devices
    - Fixed a legacy device crash

    - Fixed a crash that occurred after opening camera
    - Fixed an issue that prevented the camera to switch from front to back camera

    - Fixed an issue that caused some MMS to show incorrectly when sent to iOS devices

    - Fixed an issue where some GIFs sent corrupted

    - Reports now work after suggestions migration
    - Duplicate media row for suggestion database
    - Notifications priority are now set to MAX
    - Fixed an issue when opening an image in fullscreen, sometimes wrong image would appear
    - Polished animations (entering in/out of fullscreen images)
    - Sharing into invi from external app no longer sends duplicates
    - Improved sending of transparent GIFs
    - Fixed a crash when tapping a saved suggestion draft
    - IM no longer reduces quality when trying to send big files (4k camera photos)
    - Fixed an issue where draft used to follow you into every chat

    - MMS no longer sends with two sounds (you just have to uninstall genie)

    - Fixed an issue with Moodies getting stuck (frozen) on legacy devices
    - Fixed visual issues with the failed icon

    - Moodie draft open/close animation bug has been squashed
    - Added new invite link (can be seen in the in-chat menu)
    - Fixed issues with some auto capitalization in inbox & contact search

    - Starting a new chat now shows the correct chat colors

    - Send button now always shows "no internet" popup when no internet connection and sending suggestions
    - Fixed a small, but annoying, tooltip bug that overlapped onto the keyboard
    - After sending emoji sticker, it no longer appears with a black background in fullscreen view
    - Images loading in dark theme now shows black background
    - Fixed a crash on fullscreen
    - Inbox timestamp is now showing correctly
    - In dark mode, text fields show as correct color now
    - MediaViewer close fallback
    - Portrait videos show as wide in draft (half fixed)
    - Added padding above the text field
    - Fixed an issue where some drafted animations didn't open in full screen
    - When launching first time IM chat, header now fades in nicely
    - Technical improvements

    0.9.7 (Nov 6, 2016)

    - Notification priority is max

    - Fixed an empty draft after tapping on certain suggestions

    - MMS can now be successfully sent to iPhone

    - Made media viewer great again (80%)

    - Fixed opening animations in fullscreen

    - Fullscreen suggestion swiping now works!

    - "Message failed to send" notification no longer says "From" instead of "To"

    - Reports now work after suggestions migration

    - Added a nice animation to the toolbar when it becomes colored (first IM connection)

    - Fixed a crash when tapping a saved suggestion draft

    - When opening an image message that isn't the last one, wrong image would show in media viewer.

    - Fixed tooltip crash, along with another media viewer tooltip crash

    - Fixed flag crash

    - Chat settings now has the icon & text aligned

    - Now getting phone number from user ID, the API call wasn't cached

    - Moodie clipping fixed!!

    - X just joined Genie"now shows "X just joined invi"

    - Names are no longer retrieved from the API

    - Watermark no longer shows on gallery

    - Rate us banner no longer says "Enjoying Genie SMS?"

    - References to "Genie" in the What's new? (even though its disabled)

    - Fixed a bug where a chat photo would be empty if an invi user messages you while you don't have it in your contacts

    - Icon on Vcard is now more spaced

    - Date dividers show every 5 minutes

    - Sending status now updates

    - MMS now shows as MMS (used to say SMS)

    - Replaced the comma with a dot, for the "SMS, sent"

    - Small visual improvements

    - IM connectivity issues fixed

    - Sending animated suggestions over IM work. And over MMS works when file size isn't too big (still some graphic bugs seen on several devices)

    - Fixed an issue in the toolbar, where there was extra white peeking out from the top (shadow blending issues)
    - Tooltips now show the chat color
    - Fixed a bug that caused the status bar to become a blue color (not depending on the chat color)

    - Fixed a bug that allowed you to send empty spaces
    - No longer having a quick reply crash

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