• Meet invi

    We are an enthusiastic and driven team working to build

    a beautiful app that will reach millions of users.

    Our Mission

    Texting is the number one used application on the phone. People use it all day long, and we are reinventing that process! We work hard to enhance communication and bring smiles into the text messaging platform! We try to release a new version every week. If we don't do something right, we get immediate feedback from our users and our engineers work tirelessly to make the next version address their concerns and desires. Users love our attention to detail and constantly improving messaging interface.

    Meet the Team

    Adrien Aubel

    Fullstack Developer​, Co-Founder

    Chris Gamulja

    Lead Designer

    Iddo Tal

    CEO, Co-founder

    Jenny Isupov

    Head of QA

    Nir Meidan

    CTO, Co-founder

    Remy Sornette

    Fullstack Developer​

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